Hi everyone! I'm offering my custom services via trade. No currency will be exchanged except for return shipping provided by you. I will take stock doll(s) as the form of payment in exchange for my custom services. My commissioned work generally runs around $300 minimum, so I would be willing to trade my work on your doll for one of the following options:

  • 2 blythe dolls that total around $300 (No FBLs or SBLs. Specifically looking for at least one pink haired girl, but will consider what you have)
  • 1 regular sized blythe doll & 1 Middie blythe that total around $300 (No FBLs or SBLs. Specifically looking for at least one pink hair girl, but will consider what you have)
  • 2 scalpless translucent RBLs (both will need to come with domes)
  • 1 Heather Sky, Cinnamon Girl, -OR- MPG with a swapped PINK scalp (pink scalp can stock or mohair/alpaca rerooted)
  • 1 stock Penny Precious (stock clothing and box not required, but appreciated)
  • 1 stock Mrs Retro Mama (stock clothing and box not required)
Please understand that in exchange for one of the options above, I will customize ONE doll that you provide. (I am not providing dolls and SBLs and Middies are the only exclusion). You will receive a full custom package (full face-up, advanced carving, 4 new sets of eye chips, new lashes, sleepy eyes, new pullstrings and charms. No reroots or haircuts. I will swap a scalp that you provide.)

ALL dolls that are offered in trade must be either brand new or in excellent used condition. NO carving, NO major flaws. NO body staining. Eye chip changes and minor haircuts are okay. Licca body swaps are also okay. You must provide clear pictures of the dolls you are offering. Stock clothing and boxes are not required on any of these trade options.

Please note I am only offering ONE trade spot right now and am not taking on any other commissioned work until further notice. If you are interested, please email me at mkayblythe@gmail.com with the option that suits you. I will accept emails for a few days and then choose the trade that fits best for me. If you are chosen, I will send you information and a form to fill out asap. Please note: I will consider your overall vision for your custom, but ultimately I will follow my creative vision. (Meaning I will not succumb to overly detailed requests that stifle my creativity. If you are not okay with this please do not email me. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but it takes the fun out of customizing for me so from now on this is my policy. Thanks for understanding )

Thanks in advance!
-Melly Kay

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