SOLD: Custom no. 60

Yoko is SOLD, thank you!(more pictures of her here)

Yoko was originally a stock Miss Sally Rice (translucent RBL)

*Full Face-Up (All coloring was done in high quality pastels & sealed with MSC flat. Her lids are covered with layers of miniature paper dots that were painted over and sealed with MSC and gloss varnish. Her lips, nose, and bottom lashes are also have a light coating of gloss varnish)
*Advanced nose & philtrum carving
*Advanced lip carving
*Gaze Correction
*Adjustable boggle 

*4 new sets of eye chips (Special MSR stock yellow, Mismatched teal/hot pink, White sprinkles (handmade), Pink candy (handmade)
*Sleepy eyes (new ribbon pulls & charms)
*New lashes
*Full Saran Reroot (Knot method - 1/2 pink, 1/2 green with white platinum highlights in the front only)
*Hair treatment (Saran has been given bangs and a light trim on the ends. It has also been washed, conditioned, & ironed)


  1. I can't afford to make an offer on her right now but I wanted to comment and tell you she is absolutely gorgeous! Wonderful work Melly Kay ♥

  2. Kim!!!! HEY! thank you so much! I have been out of the blogging world and I SO miss your blog. I am going to make time to stop by but know that I think about you often!! <3